day job by mml
Day Job zine

Day Job zine

$4.00 - $20.00

A subscription to or a single issue of my new zine series, Day Job, mailed to your door! Multiple subscription options available below. Shipping is obviously included!

I had been planning to start 2020 with an infrequent email newsletter, a place I’d write my weirdly twined essays, the half-memoir-half-criticism-mostly-bullshit takes I have on things.

But then I remembered that I hate the Internet and that I actually like to make zines.

Presenting DAY JOB, a series of tiny, untimely essay-zines on some things I’m thinking about.

Some things I’m always thinking about: bad performance art, Petzold movies, dream theories, celebrity engagements, and comparisons between Lana del Rey’s music and the music of Jesus Christ Superstar. And, of course, books—and, *of course*, my childhood.

The first issue isn’t about any of these things, though. It’s about Shia LaBeouf. And the second issue is on writing about dreams.