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Travel zines - fourth printing

Travel zines - fourth printing

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WHO’S GONNA DRIVE YOU HOME (2017): A diary of taxi rides in Havana. Described as "not sad!" by readers. Full color cover and centerfold. Rest is b&w. Photos by my friends Bec and Cherry. Third printing.

GIRL WITH A TEMPLE BEHIND HER (2016): hand-sewn black&white zine/diary chronicling ten days on a hot island with my dad, which was weird. full color centerfold spread. Fourth printing.

GRIM CITY (2016): teeny ziney weenie about a bad day in a good city. written and constructed by mml, illustrated and designed by lan. black and white. Fourth printing.

CLARA POTTER'S GUIDE TO BERLIN (2017) My dear friend Clara gave me a list of recommendations before a trip to Berlin. I compiled them here, with maps and notes. Black and white with color accents, stapled. Second printing.